Sunday Update: 03.06.20

Hi Risen Hope family!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, LWSD has suspended the use of rental spaces for the next few weeks, and possibly longer. Over the past few days, we’ve been praying for a number of things, one of which is how we could best serve the church during this time away from the school that we normally meet at. We determined that given the concern about COVID-19 spreading to people who it could seriously harm, we should not gather publicly this Sunday, but rather provide an opportunity for individuals and families to worship from home.

At 10am Sunday, we will be posting a condensed service online with worship and a brief message that we’re hoping is encouraging to everyone, including the little listeners the adults will have joining them. I personally felt led by God to take a short break from the Gospel of John during this time and shift gears to another passage which I’m praying is helpful for all of our people, whether young or old. This will be the first part of a short series called ‘The Benedictus,’ and you’ll be able to worship with your church at this link 10am Sunday morning. There will also be an opportunity to participate in the Lord’s Supper at the end, if you would like to make preparations to do this in your household.

If you feel inclined to gather in your groups during this time for fellowship and mutual encouragement, we only ask that you exercise neighborly love by using caution to prevent the spread COVID-19 to individuals who could be seriously harmed by this virus. King County has provided recommendations at this link. Thank you again for your prayers during this time. It is not an easy thing for us to miss the formal gatherings with all of you, which are so much of what Sundays mean to all of us, but we’re earnestly praying that this season passes quickly and we’re able to return to worship together in due time.

We should use this time to pray for our communities and the people who are fighting illness during this season, and also use it to pursue Christ personally with greater vigor and joy, knowing that as his followers, we were made for another world, one where there will be no fear or sickness of any kind (Isaiah 33:24).

Your servant for the sake of Christ,


PS: Reading the entirety of Isaiah 33 would be time well spent. Grace and peace to you all.